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The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation raises funds for the Children’s Forest project

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall launch a fund-raising campaign together for the purpose of setting up and protecting an area to be named the Children’s Forest. The start-up capital comes from the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall, which is also involved in launching the project. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is in charge of finding and protecting the forest.
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Luonnonperintösäätiö Suojelualueet Törngren

The foundation inherits three forests in Sipoo

Kaj Törngren, a man who loved nature, left the majority of his estate, a farm in Sipoo together with its forests and fields, to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. He mostly allowed his forests to grow in peace and kept some of them fully intact. This valuable legacy enables us to protect three forests, which…
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Järvenranta. Kuvaaja: Mikko Hovila

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation purchased a forest area in Taivassalo

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation purchased a forest area of approximately eight hectares in the municipality of Taivassalo, which is located within a historical region in Southwest Finland, the site being named Järvenranta. “The conservation area is locked inside the most diverse vegetation zone in our country, the so-called oak zone in the southwesternmost part…
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Luonnonperintösäätiö Rotkovuori suojelualue Jämsä

In honour of Runeberg – Rotkovuori protected in Jämsä

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently purchased two forest areas, Takkula and Aittopää, located next to each other by Lake Aittojärvi in the Korttee village of Jämsä. The new conservation area of approximately twenty hectares will be called Rotkovuori. Its forests of many trees are standing at the foot of a mountain with the same…
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Luonnonperintösäätiö Niemenkangas Suojelualue

Part of Upper Kainuu’s history was placed under protection in Suomussalmi

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has for the purpose of establishing a conservation area acquired a forest of more than twenty hectares on the Niemenkangas area by Lake Vuokkijärvi in Suomussalmi. Niemenkangas is the foundation’s seventh conservation area in the Kainuu region. The conservation area is part of the former Vuokkiniemi estate, which was deserted…
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Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelujohtaja Anneli Jussilla. Kuva: Matti Ojanperä.

A new conservation area in North Karelia

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently acquired a small estate on Kukkovaara and its slopes close to the eastern border in North Karelia, the site being the foundation’s easternmost conservation area so far. Jukka Malinen, representing the heirs, contacted the foundation himself, which enabled us to close the deal without any agents. The area will…
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Luonnonperintösäätiö Gästans Luonnonsuojelualue

The foundation given magnificent forests for a gift

During the course of the autumn, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has received two areas for a gift, one from the Gästans island of Snappertuna in the Uusimaa region, the other from the Sevettijärvi area of Inari. The Gästans island off Raasepori is like a stepping stone between the outer archipelago and the middle islands:…
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