100 hectares of 100-year-old forest for the 100-year-old Finland!

Now is the time to make your donation. The state has decided to protect an area as large as the one protected by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation or any other private landowner this year. Minister Pertti Salolainen will serve as the campaign’s patron.

“Making a donation to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is a wonderful way of protecting nature and helping to create permanent conservation areas,” says Pertti Salolainen. “Granting a permanent protection for a place in our nature is an excellent idea to honour the 100 years of Finland’s independence. I have therefore made a donation myself, and I also intend to include the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in my will.”

With the help of a fund-raising campaign for Mr Pertti Salolainen’s birthday, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation managed to make a deal on ”Pertti’s Corner”, an extension to the Koirasuonmäki area in Paimela. “The state has invested less and less in nature conservation. I warmly recommend that people support the work of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation”, Pertti Salolainen encourages.

Finland’s forests are still poorly protected. Less than three percent of the forests in southern Finland are seriously protected, which is a long way from the international goal of 17 percent. Our forest species continue to become more and more endangered all over the country.

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