Vöyri gets a new conservation area

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation was recently given quite a present. Lauri Hakamies, a private person and nature lover from Vaasa, gave us a forest-covered area called Wikskog from Vetlot, an island in the Vöyri region. The island is surrounded by brackish water close to the delta area of the Vöyrinjoki river. The foundation will protect Wikskog as part of the My Gift to the Hundred-Year-Old campaign celebrating Finland’s centenary.

The donor had purchased the area back in 1990 with the intention of having it placed under protection during his lifetime. As soon as the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation had been founded in 1995, he decided to contact us. However, it was not until he had been retired when he finally completed his original idea.

The forest has remained completely intact during his ownership; previously, one part of the area had been subjected to cuttings to some extent, but the area also includes a section of an old and intact forest dominated by spruces. The area covers ten hectares – and also includes a long riverbank with old common alders.

Wikskog is the foundation’s 62nd conservation area, the eighth one in the Ostrobothnia region.

More information:
executive director Anneli Jussila, Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, 040 5863 950

Wikskog’s coordinates: N=7025448.783, E=250973.552 (ETRS-TM35FIN)

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