If you want to support the conservation work of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation for the Finnish forests on a regular basis, you are welcome to become a Forest Sponsor. Each of our Sponsors is a personal protector of the foundation’s forests granting regular donations to help natural forests to continue their lives. With their donations, our Sponsors increase their conservation area, the size of which they will learn at the end of each year when they receive a beautiful diploma.

All kinds of forest friends are welcome to join the sponsor network: private people, communities, and businesses. You can leave the network whenever you want. You can become a Forest Sponsor by filling out this form and making your support payment into our bank account: FI78 5494 0950 0224 93 using a reference number 20150 or join online.

You can decide the amount of the support payment. The minimum payment is 10 euros a month or 120 euros a year, for students 5 euros a month or 60 euros a year.

Important! If you don’t use the form when joining, please give your name and mention the sponsorship in the message field when you make the payment. You can also become a Sponsor by sending us e-mail to [email protected]

Sponsor’s Benefits

At the end of each year, the foundation’s office will send every Sponsor a beautiful, coloured, and signed diploma. Our Sponsors can receive their diplomas either by mail or by e-mail, and the diplomas will inform them about the size of the area they have managed to conserve with their donations. The conserved areas continue to grow year by year, so the proportion of each Sponsor’s “own forest” increases.

If not agreed otherwise, the diploma will be sent near Christmas. At the same time, our Sponsors receive a series of postcards linked to the foundation’s conservation areas as well as our annual publication. The proportion of the forests conserved by each Sponsor continues to grow year by year. You can have a summary of the area you have helped to conserve in the middle of the year as well if you want.


The foundation’s office will send all of those Sponsors who have given their address and paid over 120 euros (students 60 euros) a beautiful, coloured diploma, signed by a member of the Board of Trustees. You cannot print out the diploma yourself. If you want to receive your diploma by e-mail, please inform us about your wish by sending us e-mail to [email protected]

Sponsors for Targeted Collections

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation can start a collection for a specific area and possibly even for a specific target forest. One can support the collection with a single donation, but there is also another good and effective way to channel funds for a specific target area, and that is to become a Sponsor for a collection and commit oneself to regular donations.

Our Sponsors can also make annual support payments, minimum sum is 120 euros, for students 60 euros a year.

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