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We purchase forest areas and protect them permanently

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The Natural Heritage Foundation uses donated funds to buy old forests that are in as natural a condition as possible and apply for permanent protection of their forests in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act.

Conservation areas

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The Natural Heritage Foundation has protected over 160 conservation areas. The Foundation for Natural Heritage protects the areas in two different ways – they are protected by both the Nature Conservation Act and the Foundation Act.

When you make a donation, the donated funds are used to buy old-growth forests that are in as natural a condition as possible, and permanent protection will be sought for the areas in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act.


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It is easy to support our work. Just choose the area or campaign you want to support, select a sum and donate once or continuously.  You can also buy gift cards or support products from our online store.

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Choose the donation method that suits you, be it a support product, a gift card or a forest donation.

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Select the area you want to support. You can also make a general donation to purchase a future conservation area.

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Your donation will be used to purchase and protect areas of natural value, primarily forests.

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