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The Natural Heritage Foundation, together with its sponsors, runs campaigns to raise funds for the acquisition of conservation areas. Funds are being raised in a number of regional campaigns, in addition to which there are many other fundraisers underway, which are reported on the campaign pages.

Susimetsä. Kuva: Ville Heikkinen

Wolf Forest

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is collecting funds to protect an old forest which would be suited as a wolf habitat.
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Kuva: Tiina Pitkänen

Bracket Fungus Forest

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is raising funds to protect and old forest with as much bracket fungus as possible. The Foundation is particularly hoping to find the Bracket Fungus Forest in Southern Finland.
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Raakut. Kuva: Panu Oulasvirta


The idea for the Raakkumetsä campaign came from Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation board member and author Anni Kytömäki, whose novel Margarita won the Finlandia literary prize in 2020. One of the main characters in the novel is a freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera). There are still freshwater pearl mussels in some Finnish rivers. The species…
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Luppoa Tsiutalla, Kuva Ari-Pekka Auvinen

Let’s save the old-growth forests of Upper Lapland

Upper Lapland, which is the Sámi homeland, contains Europe’s last natural forests where trees have never been felled. In these forests, the age of individual old pines can be up to 800 years, and the dead standing trees and snags are storing thousands of years of forest history. Some of these forests have become conservation areas, but there is still a great deal of uniquely valuable nature with a wild, impressive beauty that has yet to be protected. The old-growth forests of Lapland provide a home for many old forest species which have adapted to the harsh conditions in the north, and whose living conditions are impacted by climate change and habitat fragmentation.
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Suomen metsä

By participating in our Helsinki to Hanko cycle, you can take responsibility for protecting our forests, and have fun while doing so! This inclusive event is available to all who wish to participate in a journey across the western route spanning 130km. Bring your bicycle, involve your friends, colleagues and family, and be part of the solution! In March 2022 the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation launched a fundraising campaign called Suomen Metsä (Finland’s Forest), with the aim to raise funds to establish a new conservation area. We are searching for a suitable forest in southern Finland, primarily in the Uusimaa region, within cycling distance from Helsinki. The fundraising campaign is ongoing.
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Kuhankeittäjä kuva Ilpo Aalto

The golden oriole’s home

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, the societies Etelä-Savon lintuharrastajat Oriolus ry, Itä-Savon luonnonsuojeluyhdistys ry and Kangasniemen Luonto ry, as well as Keep the Archipelago Tidy and the South Savo district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation launched a campaign in July 2021 with the aim to find and protect a home for the golden…
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Taavetti ja sarvipöllön poikanen. Kuva: Ari-Pekka Auvinen

Children’s forest

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall launch a fund-raising campaign together for the purpose of setting up and protecting an area to be named the Children’s Forest.
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Pelimetsä is a nature conservation campaign founded by Finnish game developers in cooperation with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.
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