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The Natural Heritage Foundation, together with its sponsors, runs campaigns to raise funds for the acquisition of conservation areas. Funds are being raised in a number of regional campaigns, in addition to which there are many other fundraisers underway, which are reported on the campaign pages.

The golden oriole’s home

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, the societies Etelä-Savon lintuharrastajat Oriolus ry, Itä-Savon luonnonsuojeluyhdistys ry and Kangasniemen Luonto ry, as well as Keep the Archipelago Tidy and the South Savo district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation launched a campaign in July 2021 with the aim to find and protect a home for the golden…
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Children’s forest

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall launch a fund-raising campaign together for the purpose of setting up and protecting an area to be named the Children’s Forest.
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Pelimetsä is a nature conservation campaign founded by Finnish game developers in cooperation with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.
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