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You can become a sponsor and support our work for Finnish nature with a recurring monthly donation.

As a sponsor, you will receive up-to-date information about new and existing conservation areas, the annual magazine, postcards from new areas and a beautiful diploma showing the area you have helped to protect.

How to become a sponsor

A regular monthly donation is easy and hassle-free for the sponsors to support our important cause. Start by making a regular monthly contribution for the amount you choose. The minimum donation for a sponsor is €10 per month or €120 per year, or €5 per month or €60 per year for students and those with limited means.

Once you have completed the joining form below and made your first payment with your debit card, we will automatically charge your card once a month from now on. By joining, you will be supporting our work continuously and enabling us to acquire new protected areas.

Become a sponsor

Metsän kummi
Old-growth forests are vital refuges for numerous species and invaluable carbon stores. Protecting old, natural forests is key to halting the accelerating loss of species. Protecting primary forests is also an important climate action. The Natural Heritage Foundation uses donations to buy and permanently protect forest areas. As a sponsor, you will become a regular supporter for the conservation work of the Natural Heritage Foundation. The forests thank you.

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Choose your monthly donation amount or an annual contribution.

Become a sponsor and pay via online banking

If you wish to pay your sponsorship fee by other means than a card payment directly from our website, please follow these instructions.

Please email us your name and address, the amount of the sponsorship fee (minimum €10/month or €120/year, €5/month or €60/year for students and low-income people) and whether you wish to pay once a month or once a year.

Once you become a Sponsor, you can also make a recurring monthly payment of your sponsorship in your online bank using your personal sponsor ID that works as a bank reference number. The payment is made to the Natural Heritage Foundation account FI78 5494 0950 0224 93.

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