Media can download and use photos for free. Clicking the thumbnail opens up a high-resolution image in a new window.

The source of the image should be listed as the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation: name of the photographer, or at least the name of the photographer. In matters relating to photos, please email [email protected].


The logo has been designed and drawn by architecture student Panu Härmävaara. The aspen in the logo symbolises the biodiversity of the old forest. The aspen logo can also be seen as the network made up of forest protectors, where each branch and leaf plays a part in the bigger picture. The logo and the branding can be used by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and its support organisation, the Friends of Ancient Forest. The branding is developed in accordance with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s aims and values. Others may not use the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s logo without permission.

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Pepe Forsberg

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Anneli Jussila

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Juho Hakkarainen

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