A valuable spruce mire placed under protection in Ulvila

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently acquired an area of 41 hectares called Ahmauksenkorpi in the village of Ahmaus, located in Ulvila. It is an exceptionally wide and unified forest with plenty of decayed wood. To a great extent, it is fern spruce mire by its habitat type.

The small Ahmauksenoja river runs through the area with fresh heath on its southwest side. An old meadow that has become a forest remains in the middle of the Ahmauksenkorpi area.

There have recently been signs of the flying squirrel and the European beaver detected in the region. The size of the glacial erratics may fascinate those visiting the place.

We managed to win the stiff competitive bidding. This was a relief for the heirs because the solution guaranteed the future of Ahmauksenkorpi as a place protected and intact. Part of this forest estate had already been under protection for a while. No machine has ever touched the place, according to one of the heirs. As far as the foundation is concerned, this will not happen in the future either.

“It is difficult to find an area as unbroken as this one in southern Finland, especially one that is mainly made up of an old forest with an enormous amount of decayed wood. This is what makes Ahmauksenkorpi a very valuable object of conservation,” according to Anneli Jussila, the foundation’s executive director.

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has been very active in the Satakunta region during the past few years. This is the foundation’s eighth conservation area in the Satakunta region.

Ahmauksenkorpi on a map.

PHOTO: Ari-Pekka Auvinen

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