Pentti Linkola’s legacy lives on

Pentti Linkola, a nature lover who established the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and contributed to nature conservation in Finland as a genuine pioneer, passed away on Sunday, 5 April, at his home in the Ritvala region of Sääksmäki.

It was Pentti Linkola who established the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in 1995, and he continued to act as its chairman until the very end, participating the annual general meeting just one more time at the end of March. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation was a central part of his life during the last decades, the foundation offering him a concrete channel to protect nature.

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation will honour the life’s work of its founder by starting a fund-raising campaign to commemorate Pentti Linkola by using the proceeds for the purchase of a forest that will be named after him.

You can join the fund-raising campaign by donating a sum of your will to the foundation’s bank account FI78 5494 0950 0224 93. Please, use the reference number 202015 or enter the words “Pentti Linkola’s forest”. You can also make your contribution through the foundation’s online shop.

Photo: Anneli Jussila

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