Holamppi in Pori is the new conservation area

The new conservation area is located at the edge of a forested heartland in a quiet region. The soil is exuberant, and the forest is dominated by conifers, except for the Eevanniityt section of old birches sighing in the wind. There is an exceptionally beautiful forest road leading into the area, running alongside the southern edge of the forest and passing some of the stone fences that can be found in the forest.

In the immediate vicinity of the southern edge, we see the invaluable Pohjajoki river running in its natural state with its many rapids. The river is a home for the European beaver and the thick shelled river mussel, both species protected by the Habitats Directive. The river is also known for its interesting species of fish, such as the sea trout. The sea lamprey, a species that is only occasionally found in Finland, has also been observed in the river.

This conservation area, named Holamppi, has an area of approximately 34 hectares, and it is located at a distance of only a few hundred metres from the Majavapurot area acquired and protected by the foundation at the end of 2017. A small section of the Holamppi area had once already been placed under protection for the sake of the flying squirrel. The main farm, which remains in the seller’s possession, also contains a conservation area.

The fields bordering the area are places used for organic farming, and they have a great number of butterflies and dragonflies, just like their surrounding areas. Hunting is not allowed in any form, and the animals must not be disturbed.

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