Wolf Forest

Susimetsä. Kuva: Ville Heikkinen

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is collecting funds to protect an old forest which would be suited as a wolf habitat. Through the Wolf Forest Fundraiser, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation wants to remind people of the wolf’s important place in Finnish nature. The wolf has always been an important spirit animal in our country’s natural and cultural heritage. The wolf is a key species in our ecosystem, and it has the important task of managing the balance in nature by stopping the deer and small predator populations from growing too large.

In the last few decades, the number of wolves in Finland has varied from less than a hundred to around three hundred individuals. There are now fewer wolves in all of Finland than there are Saimaa ringed seals. The WWF has assessed that the true conservation status of the wolf in Finland is likely to be critically endangered. The main cause for this, and the main threat to the wolf, is hunting. In addition to poaching, the wolf population is also threatened by legal hunting sanctioned by the government.

“Here at the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation we want to secure safe havens for wolves, these magnificent and important animals of the Finnish nature. As the species is so highly endangered, hunting these animals is unnatural and cowardly. I want to encourage all those who admire this mythical Finnish animal to join our fundraiser – let’s protect a forest for the wolves together,” says Anneli Jussila, Conservation Director for the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.

The Wolf Forest Fundraiser has been given a significant starting capital by Suomen Susi 2013 ry. When that organisation closed down, it was decided that all its funds would be donated to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. This is Suomen Susi 2013 ry’s way of helping to protect a wolf habitat where no hunting can take place.

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s Wolf Forest Fundraiser was launched in January 2023, and it will be running for two years. You can participate by making a bank transfer to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s donation account:

– Enter Luonnonperintösäätiö as recipient
– Transfer the sum of your choice to the donation account FI78 5494 0950 0224 93
– Use the reference number 210777

You can also contact the Foundation with offers of or tips on a forest that might be suitable as the Wolf Forest.

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