Suomen metsä

The Suomen Metsä initiative was launched to ensure the protection of our Finnish natural heritage. The initiative seeks to address an ever-evolving reality that faces us all. With deforestation and climate destruction rendering land unusable, together we can take action to halting this systematic deterioration of our fragile land and forestry.

By participating in our Helsinki to Hanko cycle, you can take responsibility for protecting our forests, and have fun while doing so! This inclusive event is available to all who wish to participate in a journey across the western route spanning 130km. Bring your bicycle, involve your friends, colleagues and family, and be part of the solution!

In March 2022 the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation launched a fundraising campaign called Suomen Metsä (Finland’s Forest), with the aim to raise funds to establish a new conservation area. We are searching for a suitable forest in southern Finland, primarily in the Uusimaa region, within cycling distance from Helsinki. The fundraising campaign is ongoing.

You can take part in the Finland’s Forest fundraiser by making a donation on the website of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, or by donating a suitable sum directly to the Foundation’s bank account like this:

– Enter Luonnonperintösäätiö as recipient

– Transfer the sum of your choice to the donation account FI78 5494 0950 0224 93

– Use the reference number 202633

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