Pelimetsä is a nature conservation campaign founded by Finnish game developers in cooperation with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. The campaign began as a grassroots initiative, and in nine months gathered the support of 29 companies and individuals in the Finnish game industry. The first two locations, Utterinvuori forest and Tsiuttajoki old growth, were purchased and protected with the initial donation of 500 000 Euros.

The campaign continues as a joint effort of the Finnish Game Developers’ Association and the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, with the goal of protecting new locations on a regular basis.

“The Finnish game industry is a warm-hearted community that is eager to contribute to society. Pelimetsä is an excellent example of both. In the near future, we hope to encourage other industries – especially our friends in the European game community – to join and follow the example of Pelimetsä”, says KooPee Hiltunen, representative of the Finnish Game Developers Association.

For more information about donation, please contact [email protected]

(Photo Ari-Pekka Auvinen)

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