Valuable areas gifted to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation

This past summer several natural areas of different types were donated to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.

The Foundation was gifted two forests in Tuusniemi in North Savo by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Saunaniitty and Tappuranrinne, with a joint area of approximately nine hectares. The forests had already been made into conservation areas: Saunaniitty was protected by law in 1992, while Tappuranrinne was protected in 2005.

The gift was part of a will, with a clause stating that the owner of the forest property must ensure the survival of the protected aspen grove and wetlands for future generations. The wording of the original deed of gift stated: “The forest has not been felled in many generations, and the protected area has many rare species of plants and animals.” The Finnish Cultural Foundation decided that the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation was the ideal owner of the areas, and that they would be looked after as the maker of the will had intended.

Lasse Sipilä donated three hectares of wetlands in Varrassuo in Hollola, which will be named Emman Pehkula according to the donor’s wishes. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is looking into opportunities to expand the protected area in Varrassuo. The conservation area is located near human habitation, and it is part of the beautiful basin wetlands which are popular among the locals. On the north-east side of Varrassuo there is also another conservation area called Soisalmensuo, among others.

In Kouvola, the Foundation was gifted 3.2 hectares of lush forest made up of two small, connected plots. Oak trees grow in the area, and it also has a butterfly meadow and a pond which produces a new generation of frogs every summer. The area will be named Eiranmetsä (Eira’s Forest) after the donors’ mother.

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