The Metsänpeitto Area Extended

Metsänpeitto, the forest dedicated to Mr Pentti Linkola, has expanded as a result of a purchase on 4,5 additional hectares from the northwestern side of the area, a deal closed by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in March.

This forest, which already covers nearly 18 hectares and contains plenty of decayed wood, is uncommon for a forest of southern Finland, and it is located in the vicinity of the Laukeela village centre in Urjala, right between the Lehmussuontie road and the so-called Taikayöntie road, which leads to Huittinen.

The bare rocks of the new area gives a home for a pine tree stand with the slopes providing a ground for a mixed tree stand, which is yet dominated by pine trees; in addition, there is an exuberant, grove-like quagmire lying down in the hollow. There are also some birches, alders, and goat willows growing among the dominant trees. Compared to the original area purchased in November, the tree stand of the new area is a little younger, 70–90 years old.

There are plenty of trees toppled by the wind farther down in the grove-like quagmire with some appearing on the slopes as well.

There have been cuttings conducted in the wildest parts of the forest whereas the grove-like quagmire, especially, has almost remained intact. The waterways of the forest are lying in their natural state. There are two small wetlands located higher up between the rocks. There is also a brook flowing deep down in the hollow, where the soil is moist and somewhat drizzly because of the groundwater.

Metsänpeitto is dedicated to our chairman, Mr Pentti Linkola, the founder of our foundation; after all, the area was purchased with the proceeds of the 2012 campaign arranged for the celebration of Mr Linkola’s 80th anniversary.

Photo: Mikko Hovila.

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