The forest on Taavinsaari Island in Rautalampi becomes a conservation area

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has protected the forest on Taavinsaari Island in Southern Konnevesi. The new conservation area is located near Southern Konnevesi National Park, and it was purchased from a private owner. The aspen-dominated forest is a dry grove, with highly versatile natural assets. In addition to aspen, birch, and coniferous trees, Taavinsaari also boasts some demanding grove species, such as little-leaf linden, mezereum, and honeysuckle. It is possible that domestic animals were brought to the island for summer pasture before the wars.

“In these parts people used to take their horses, cows and sheep to the islands for the summer; horses were still kept on nearby Kumpusaari Island in the 1960s,” explains Jorma Knuutinen from Rautalampi, who visited the island on behalf of the Foundation. “The presence of germander speedwell, meadow vetchling, and bush vetch suggests the island was used for pasture and this influenced its flora.”

The conservation area, measuring just over four hectares, also includes a beautiful, unusual coastal bog. The island is also home to grey-faced woodpeckers, great spotted woodpeckers, and black grouse.

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