The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation raises funds for the Children’s Forest project

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall launch a fund-raising campaign together for the purpose of setting up and protecting an area to be named the Children’s Forest. The start-up capital comes from the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall, which is also involved in launching the project. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is in charge of finding and protecting the forest.

“In order to set up the Children’s Forest, we need to find a grand area in northern Finland with good connections for groups of children and families visiting the site. It should be possible to arrange events and education in the forest. A good location could for example be by a beautiful lake, possibly with a nice cottage where hikers could come together,” Pepe Forsberg, the executive director of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, envisions.

“Children and nature are central themes for the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall. Combining these two in connection with the Children’s Forest project feels very natural, fun, and important. We consider the project an everlasting investment in Finnish nature as well as a pleasant way of teaching children more about forests,” says Camilla Hartwall, a member of the board for the Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall.

We have already started the search for the Children’s Forest, and the conservation area will be founded as soon as we have found a suitable site and collected enough funds for the purchase. If you want to contribute to the fund-raising campaign, just visit the online shop of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation or make a donation directly to the foundation’s account FI78 5494 0950 0224 93 and use the reference number 202109.

(Photo: Ari-Pekka Auvinen)

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