The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation Launches a Campaign for Companies

The foundation starts collecting funds among the successful entrepreneurs in the Häme region with a campaign that will last until the end of the year. We aim at having at least one natural forest area protected in the region. With the campaign, we also want to show respect for the fisherman and writer Pentti Linkola, the founder of the foundation, who celebrates his 80th anniversary this year.

Background and Action

The nationwide foundation was founded in 1995 with an office in Hämeenlinna and primary interest in Southern and Central Finland.

Forest owners sell us some of the oldest ones of the endangered forests, which we then buy with the help of donations and place under protection according to Finnish law. We already have 32 areas, especially in the Southern parts of our country.

In addition to trees and plants, we also protect other organisms and living environments that include Finnish landscape.

The everyman’s rights are not affected by our work.

Companies Can Even Become Regular Sponsors

Old forests are becoming rare in the Häme region and Southern Finland.

Once we have received donations, we can name a forest or a part of the conservation area after the donor. Companies can also support us on a regular basis by joining the company sponsors.

Our donors include, for instance, UPCAST Oy, Rapal Oy, Tiketti and Moln Ab.

Contact Information:

Executive Director Anneli Jussila, M.A., tel. 040 586 3950, [email protected]

Donations Matti Ojanperä, M.Sc. (Engineering), tel. 050 533 9124, [email protected]

Photo: Mikko Hovila.

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