Searching for a home for the golden oriole in South Savo

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, the societies Etelä-Savon lintuharrastajat Oriolus ry, Itä-Savon luonnonsuojeluyhdistys ry and Kangasniemen Luonto ry, as well as Keep the Archipelago Tidy and the South Savo district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation launched a campaign in July 2021 with the aim to find and protect a home for the golden oriole in the forests of South Savo. The campaign is protected by archiater Risto Pelkonen.

The Eurasian golden oriole (Oriolus oriolus) is a protected bird species in Finland, and since 2015 it has been defined as an endangered species. It mostly nests in Southern Finland and the Finnish lake district, and it is the regional bird of South Savo. The typical habitat of the golden oriole is in old deciduous forests near waterways, and protecting these forests is vital to retain the species.

Anyone can help protect the home of the golden oriole by donating a sum of their choice to the campaign. Businesses, communities, and other institutions are also invited to support the project with a sum they deem suitable. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is in charge of finding and protecting the golden oriole’s home forest.

Donations to the golden oriole’s home can be sent to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s account for donations:

– Make the payment out to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation
– Transfer a sum of your choice to the account for donations FI78 5494 0950 0224 93
– Please use the reference 202112

The collection was launched 1.7.2021 and will be running for two years.

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