Metsäranta In Kymenlaakso Under Our Protection

The 17,6-hectare area called Metsäranta, located on the Hiirettelänvuori hill in the municipality of Iitti, became our property at the end of May. The Kuukkelimetsä Kymenlaaksoon campaign, which the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation started with a local ornithological association in Kymenlaakso in 2008, started finally bearing fruit.

Except for the top of the hill, Metsäranta is about an exuberant, grove-like heath.

Farther down in the west and the east, the forest is dominated by spruces along with other trees, the tree stand being partly over a hundred years old. There are old birches growing among the spruces all over the area. In the northwest corner, we find a small quagmire.

The tree stand of Metsäranta is labelled by diversity all over the place. There is a considerable number of aspens appearing in the forest, not to mention the grey alders and the goat willows of different ages, which also appear in such numbers that they form their own little forests. There is some decayed wood also, especially in the form of trees that are still standing.

Metsäranta includes a few hundred metres of the Kymi River bank on the south-western and southern edge. Hiirettelänvuori is of great significance to the landscape: standing on the hill, you will experience a gorgeous view towards the Kymi River.

The Kuukkelimetsä Kymenlaaksoon campaign has produced 63 000 euros in five years. The campaign is not over, so if you want to contribute to the future acquisitions in Metsäranta, we are happy to receive your donation.

Metsäranta is the 38th conservation area of the foundation and the first one in the Kymenlaakso region.

Photo: Lassi Kujala. 

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