Haviseva on Lohjansaari island to be protected

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has recently purchased a forest in the village Marttila in Lohja which will be protected and give the name Haviseva. The approximately three-hectare forest is located on Lohjansaari, the largest island on lake Lohjanjärvi, and it has approximately 150 metres of shoreline.

The most important thing in the area from a nature preservation perspective is the lush black alder flood plain, which is a nature type that has been classified as vulnerable. The black alder dominated flood plains are very important for the biodiversity. Haviseva’s herb-rich forest with hazel, aspen and elm is also valuable. Some of the elm trees are very old.

“The area consists of genuine hemiboreal herb-rich forest, which is typical for the Lohja region,” says agronomist Mikko Hovila, Vice Chair of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, who made an assessment visit to the forest before the purchase was completed. 

Another important fact is that Haviseva is well connected to other local conservation areas, of which there are several on Lohjansaari island. Kynnepää conservation area, which the Foundation purchased last year, is located less than a kilometre east of Haviseva, and Karkali Strict Nature Reserve is located approximately three kilometres to the west.

“This kind of network of conservation areas made up of neighbouring forests is a very meaningful thing from a biological perspective, and it helps to preserve a type of herb-rich forest which is particularly valuable in the Lohjansaari region,” Mikko Hovila ads.

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