Municipality: Oulu
Protection year: 2021
Area protected: 14 ha
Tikankontit. Kuva, Seppo Kemppainen, Vastavalo

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation purchased a 14-hectare forest in Kiiminki, Oulu, late in 2021. The forest is located in an area notable for its calcareous soils. Due to abundance lime the soils are rich in nutrients and the area hosts many rare species of vascular plants, mushrooms, and mosses. 

A speciality of the future Vehmaansuo protected area is very rich growth of lady's-slipper orchids, Cypripedium calceolus. In summer of 2021 more than one thousand flowers were counted in a spruce mire not more than 0.2 hectares in area.

When in bloom the lady’s-slipper orchid is one of the most conspicuous plant species of the Kiiminki limestone area. Many of the rare species are much less visible, however. One such species growing in the Vehmaansuo forest is the eggleaf twayblade, Neottia ovata. A detailed inventory of the forest will be made in the coming years.

At the vicinity of the Vehmaansuo forest, 200 metres away at nearest, lies the Kiiminki limestone Natura 2000 area. For over 20 years the regional ELY Centre has strived to protect the area by buying forest properties and paying subsidies for giving up forestry operations. The new conservation area of Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation complements the conservation of the Kiiminki limestone Natura 2000 area, which teems with threatened species.

The Vehmaansuo forest has been under conventional forestry and it has been drained by digging forest ditches, for example. Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation will look into how the natural recovery of the forest can be accelerated and the living conditions of rare plant species improved.

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