Municipality: Nurmijärvi
Protection year: 2019
Area protected: 6 ha
Valkeapuro. Kuva: Anneli Jussila

Valkeapuro is a conservation area of six hectares located in Nurmijärvi. The area was acquired in 2019. The coastal zone is the most important section with its exuberant deciduous forest consisting of goat willows, aspens, birches, and spruces. Some of the trees are very old and impressive, and among them, there are pine trees that have already fallen down.

An intact shoreline such as Valkeapuro is a great rarity in itself, especially here in the hemiboreal zone, i.e. the oak zone.

Alongside the intact grove of two hectares, we received a parcel of four hectares, which was partly cut and partly planted with spruce. In some places, it contains small deciduous and spruce forests. Out in the open, this area is developing with its exuberant ground to give support to the old grove and simultaneously secure the fascinating Valkoja brook. The clear stream starts from the Valkoja  spring nearby and flows into the Vantaa at a spot where the old grove begins.

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