Municipality: Nurmes
Protection year: 2005
Area protected: 46 ha

The Tervavaara Forest is a forest of 45 hectares, acquired by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation from the Congregation of Nurmes in December 2005. The local residents and naturalists had for a long time opposed the cuttings that the congregation had planned to perform in the region. The problem was solved when the foundation, with the help of the considerable donation from Mr Timo Kujala, managed to acquire the forest for conservation.

The Tervavaara Forest is almost in its natural state and therefore a valuable conservation area; there are central characteristics of traditional Finnish nature being centred in the area. The heavy tree stand is mainly made up of conifers, but it also includes some large aspens and birches.

Because of the relatively large size of the area left in peace, there are several territories for flying squirrels and wood grouses there, and it has become a refuge for the Siberian jay and the three-toed woodpecker as well. Within the forest, there is a pond called Viulukkalampi lying in its natural state, and in the late summer of 2008, a beaver moved there, which turned the pond into a lake. Because of the beaver, the number of decaying wood continues to increase in the area.

Näin löydät Tervavaaraan

Osoite: Leppimäentie 18, Nurmes. Leppimäentieltä käännytään metsätielle kaakkoon. Risteys sijaitsee satakunta metriä Leppimäentie 18:n kohdalta itään. Noin 700 metrin päässä tie kaartuu itäkoilliseen, ja heti kaarroksen jälkeen tullaan Tervavaaran suojelualueen länsirajalle.

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