Municipality: Loppi
Protection year: 2008
Area protected: 6 ha

The foundation bought a small Yli-Mylly farm of less than six hectares in the autumn of 2008. It is located in the municipality of Loppi, between Läyliäinen and Pilpala. In 2011 the foundation acquired an area of half a hectare south of the farm. The Yli-Mylly farm was sold to the foundation by Mrs Terttu Koskinen, who had cherished the natural state of her home forest since her parents had passed away.

The Yli-Mylly Forest is located on a small, beautiful ridge and on its slopes. The fact that the forest is unspoiled is visible in many different ways with the atmosphere being like in a primeval forest and walking being difficult because of the thick tree stand. The forest is mostly growing spruces, but there are also old pine trees with their bark resembling a carpet of shields growing on the slopes. There are plenty of aspens of different ages growing in the area, some of them being true giants. Birches and alders have taken over the former fields and meadows.

The Koirajoki River flows through the area running in its natural, winding bed farther down. There is a small yard on the daylight side of the ridge: the main building along with a storehouse and a cowshed as well as a drying barn standing farther away. The buildings came into possession of the foundation when the deal was closed, and our intention is to take care of them with the help of volunteers to be used, for instance, as bases for naturalists.

Näin löydät Yli-Myllyyn

Läyliäisistä – 10 kilometriä etelään Lopelta – ajetaan länteen Karkkilaan johtavaa tietä 134. Käännytään 4,3 kilometrin jälkeen oikealle kohti Pilpalaa, ajetaan vajaa kilometri, kunnes oikealle kääntyy Vesikopintie. Tätä pientä hiekkatietä ajetaan joitakin satoja metrejä, kunnes vasemmalla alkaa näkyä tiheää metsää ja puiden lomasta häämöttäviä peltikattoisia rakennuksia. Ruohottunut, metsittyvä tie johtaa Yli-Myllyn pihapiiriin Koirajoen yli. Jos olet autolla liikkeellä jätä se levennykseen Vesikopintien varteen.

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