Municipality: Inari
Protection year: 2019
Area protected: 217 ha
Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Seitasaari

Sieidisuálui – Seitasaari is a widespread forest area that resembles a wilderness and is to be found within the Syrminiemi region of Lake Muddusjärvi in Inari. It is the foundation's 95th conservation area, and it covers 217 hectares. The acquisition became possible at the end of the summer in 2019, when the film director Aki Kaurismäki made a considerable donation.

The silence of the area conceals pines that are hundreds of years old, some of them already dead. The new conservation area is located by five waters. Two lakes, Tontanvuottamajärvi and Hevosaitajärvi, can be seen simultaneously from a low neck of land. The beautiful Lake Hevosaitajärvi is in its entirety within the borders of the area. There are ancient pines standing on the steep slopes of the opposite shore, some of them having grown there a thousand years already.

Humans have also left their mark on the forest, but these trails are disappearing: what is left of a raft, an angular hole engraved in a dead trunk for the common goldeneye, and traces of old logging sites.

The map called the area Anuntivaara, when we bought it. Nevertheless, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation wanted to give a new name because the area had received a new identity as a conservation area. A few kilometres away in Syrminiemi, we find Seitavaara, which is called Sieidivääri in the Sami language, and on the top of it, we find a Sieidi, a sacred stone for the Sami people. The canal that exists today turns Syrminiemi into an island, which gave us more reason to change the name. The foundation also wanted to respect the Sami area and give the name in two languages. The local names also allow those wandering in the area to be in contact with the local culture, a culture that is older than the Finnish one and sanctifies nature.

We received good news about Seitasaari's future in the autumn of 2019: the state-owned Metsähallitus company will protect a large section of Syrminiemi in the proximity of Seitasaari.

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Sieidisuálui – Seitasaari

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