Municipality: Urjala
Protection year: 2009
Area protected: 7 ha
Pyssynkangas. Kuvaaja: Mikko Hovila

In the early summer of 2009, the foundation acquired two pieces of forest, Pyssynkangas and Haapalaakso, both owned by the same farm in Urjala. The Pyssynkangas Forest is located north of the Kiimankulmantie road and covers 7,1 hectares. The forest has been allowed grow completely unspoiled for decades, having been carefully cherished by the owner. In some of the most exuberant places, the spruces are considerably large and so thick that they would not have been suitable for the use of sawmill industry - in case the Pyssynkangas Forest had been cut down instead of becoming a conservation area through the foundation.

The forest includes deciduous trees here and there as well as some pine trees with their bark resembling a carpet of shields. In spring, there were lots of droppings of flying squirrels found under the large spruces showing that this endangered species of dark nights has also found a refuge in the Pyssynkangas Forest.

The middle part of the area is dry, consisting partly of rocks that are difficult to climb with some handsome pine trees growing on the ledges and below. There are also two meadows captured inside the forest.

Näin löydät Pyssynkankaalle

Urjalasta ajetaan Punkalaitumen ja Huittisten suuntaan kulkevaa ns. Taikayöntietä (239), joka risteää 9-tien (Turku-Tampere -valtatie). 9-tien risteyksestä mitattuna noin viiden kilometrin päässä kääntyy oikealle Kiimankulmantie. Tätä ajetaan runsaat kolme kilometriä, jolloin loivan mutkan kohdalla oikealla erkanee pieni hiekkatie tuuheaan metsään. Pyssynkankaan metsä alkaa tästä.

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