Municipality: Kangasala
Protection year: 2022
Area protected: 18 ha
Laipansalo. Kuva: Heini Koivuniemi

The landscape in Laipansalo is particularly beautiful, and its forest retains a strong feeling of an old-growth forest in its natural state. The terrain varies from light, rocky pine woods dotted with Cladonia stellaris, a type of reindeer lichen, to spruce-dominated forests where sunken decayed trees covered in bracket fungus show how untouched the area has remained. In the hollows of the forest, the wetlands covered in peat moss stand out as shining green spots among the dark surrounding spruce woods. The long shoreline of the small lake hidden in the forest is particularly charming. As a conservation area, the natural state of the wild forest will be strengthened over the coming decades, and the habitats will become more and more suitable for species that live in old-growth forests.

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