Municipality: Humppila
Protection year: 2013
Area protected: 13 ha

Lahnavuori, the 13,6-hectare forest on the eastern shore of Lake Kiipunjärvi in Humppila, became our property in September 2013 when the heirs of Lauri and Helvi Myllyoja decided to sell their family forest for conservation. The southwest parts of the Häme region seldom provide old forests over the size of ten hectares. In fact, Lahnavuori is the second largest of the areas protected by the foundation in the Häme region.

Over half of the Lahnavuori forest is dominated by an unbroken section of hundred-year-old spruces skirting around the hillocks covered by a little younger pine trees. The terrain being labelled by a variety of forms makes the landscape resemble a mosaic: between the rock faces and the knolls, we see watery areas dominated by quagmires, springs, and little ponds. There are cliffs here and there with some small hillocks peeking out in many places.

The thick moss covering the soil as well as the great number of anthills tell about the time of peace, which has been allowed to prevail in the forest for quite some while. The environment is favourable to beard moss, which can thus also be found in the forest.

On the eastern side, there is a separate section of less than half a hectare with plenty of trees. The damp soil provides a breeding ground mainly for old spruces.

Lahnavuori is also a geologically valuable site in Häme region.

Lahnavuori is the 42nd conservation area of the foundation and the tenth one in the Häme region.

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Osoite: Järventie 303, Humppila

Suunnilleen Järventie 303:n kohdalta kääntyy mökkitie länteen, rantaan. Olet jo suojelualueella.

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