Municipality: Kangasala
Protection year: 2021
Area protected: 14 ha
Kurikanlehto. Kuva: Anneli Jussila

Kurikanlehto forest, Pentti Linkola’s memorial grove, is located in Keljo in Sahalahti, approximately one kilometre from the shores of lake Längelmävesi. The lush, 14-hectare forest spreads over the western and south-western slopes of the hill, and the conservation area also includes a strip of the summit of Kurikanvuori approximately 140 metres above sea level. The forest was sold to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation by veterinarian Sirkka Pyhälä.

The forest has unusually sturdy spruces, pines, and silver birches of different ages, including old trees covered in beard moss and bracket fungus. It is also home to aspen, alder, and rowan, as well as lime and maple trees. This is a multi-layered forest, and it was most likely used for grazing before the wars. The southern side of the area is wetter, with grassy heaths and plenty of decayed trees. The north side, on the other hand, has an unusually large number of trees, some as tall as 35 metres.

Kurikanlehto was purchased with funds from Pentti Linkola’s memorial fundraiser at the same time as Riuttasalo memorial forest in Toivakka.

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