Municipality: Karijoki ja Kristiinankaupunki
Protection year: 2010
Area protected: 11 ha

At the end of October, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation managed to acquire a forest on the border between Ostrobothnia and Southern Ostrobothnia with the border between these provinces remaining inside this area covered by numerous trees. We have decided to call the area Koppelonpesä (The Nest of Female Woodgrouse). This new conservation area of ours is located in the municipalities of Karijoki and Kristiinankaupunki and the villages of Tiukka and Myrkky. It covers a little less than 12 hectares.

Most of the Koppelonpesä trees form an old heath forest growing on an exuberant ground with plenty of decaying wood here and there. A small part of the area is covered with pine trees growing on a rocky ground. The area also includes a former field turned into a forest, which is returning back to its natural state. We managed to find the sellers, Unto Tasanko and Elli Siltanen, brother and sister, through a notice in the Finnish newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus.

Having a conservation area on the west coast is significant for us for many reasons, one being that forest conservation is usually not as common in these areas as it is in the rest of the country

Koppelonpesä is the 26th conservation area of our foundation and the first one in Ostrobothnia and Southern Ostrobothnia.

Näin löydät Koppelonpesään

Osoite: Peräläntie 440, Karijoki. Peräläntie 440:n paikkeilta lähtee länteen polku, joka kaartuu suojelualueen reunaa myötäillen edelleen lounaaseen. Matkaa Peräläntieltä suojelualueen rajalle on reilut 200 metriä.

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