Municipality: Heinola
Protection year: 2008
Area protected: 8 ha

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation bought the Keltalampi Forest in July 2008 after long negotiations. The area consists of eight hectares of forest and almost an entire pond of half a hectare.

The Keltalampi Forest is located on the border between Heinola and Mäntyharju in Kousanniemi. The environment there includes lots of ponds, brooks, and woodland; there is practically no all-year population there. It is no wonder that people have seen a bear mother with her cubs there in the summer of 2008.

The Keltalampi Forest is more or less in its natural state with an atmosphere of wilderness. There are plenty of tree generations with the tree stand forming several layers of treetops. There is decaying wood all over the area. The terrain is partly dry, partly fresh heath. The dominating trees are the spruce and the pine, but there are deciduous trees, mainly aspens, growing there as well. The forest is a home for unusually many large anthills.

There is a brook that starts from the Keltalampi Pond, flowing for the most part in its natural bed; only the neck of the brook was dug once, but even there, the brook is returning to its natural state. As a result, the water of Keltalampi is settling on its original level. The pond is lined by an unspoiled, beautiful swamp.
Farther down, the brook hollow turns into a canyon-like, deep valley. There, the vegetation is in its most exuberant state.

The former owner of the Keltalampi Forest, Mr Kari Mörsky, tells that the reason it was the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation he decided to sell the forest to was because he was shocked by the clear-cuttings he had seen taking place in the neighbourhood.

Näin löydät Keltalammelle

Heinolasta ajetaan noin 20 kilometriä 5-tietä, kunnes tullaan Paasoon. Käännytään etelään Vanhakylään johtavalle tielle.
Hiekkatie johtaa levennykselle Heinolan ja Mäntyharjun kuntien rajalla. Jatketaan kompassisuunnassa kaakkoon suunnilleen kuntarajaa myöten. Matkaa tulee taivallettavaksi melko vaikeassa maastossa – suota, kallioita – toista kilometriä. Suojelualue on lammen kaakkois- ja eteläpuolella. Sen rajat havaitsee maastossa lähes kauttaaltaan.

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