Municipality: Iitti
Protection year: 2013
Area protected: 18 ha

By the north bank of the Kymi River, opposite the village of Iitti, we see the gorgeous Hiirettelänvuori hill. It was there the foundation acquired Metsäranta, a 17,6-hectare versatile forest, in May 2013.

Except for the top of the hill, Metsäranta is about an exuberant, grove-like heath. In the west and the east, the hill is protected by a spruce forest that is partly over a hundred years old with old birches appearing as spots. There is also a small quagmire in the northwest corner.

The deciduous trees in the Metsäranta area represent exceptionally many species. There are plenty of aspens all over the place, as well as grey alders. What is especially delightful is the multitude of goat willows, which appear in different ages and seem to form their own little forests. Decayed wood appears also, especially in the form of trees that are still standing.

Metsäranta touches the Kymi River bank along a few hundred metres in the south and the southeast. Metsäranta also provides a significant landscape: those who climb to the top will be rewarded by the beautiful view towards the Kymi River.

Metsäranta is the 38th conservation area of the foundation and the first one in the Kymenlaakso region. When collecting money for the purchase, we received significant support from a local ornithological association operating in Kymenlaakso.

Näin löydät Hiirettelänvuorelle

Päivärannantie on suljettu puomilla suunnilleen Päivärannantie 60:n kohdalla, josta matka jatkuu tietä pitkin jalan. Matkaa suojelualueen reunaan on noin 400 metriä.

Päivärannantie on kapea yksityistie, eikä sen varrella ole varattu erillisiä parkkipaikkoja autoille.

Osoite: Päivärannantie 60, Iitti

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