Municipality: Raasepori
Protection year: 2020
Area protected: 6 ha
Gästansin metsä

In Snappertuna off the coast of Raasepori, we find the Gästans island, one of its forests being given to the foundation in 2020, a forest that has been allowed to thrive there in peace for ages. The donation was made by Lauri Kaila, a man who works as a lepidopterist at Luomus, and according to him, the Gästans island is like a stepping stone between the outer and central archipelago: Gästans is a continuum from the small rocky islands out on the open sea to the forest-covered islands of the central archipelago. The soil on Gästans is partly made up of moraine, which is rare in the region. There are no islands like this further on the open sea.

The donated site has an area of 6,5 hectares, but it includes almost all types of forests. The area has groves with alders and aspens that whistle in the wind. Some of the aspens have turned into great hollow trees. There is even ash growing on the shore at the foot of the hill. Up on the hills, we find an old pine forest. In the valleys between the hills and the depressions with coniferous swamps, there are thicker and more robust mixed forests with amazingly large spruces as well as blueberries in the field layer. The forest also contains a few depressions with swamps. Decayed wood appears in great amounts.

The conservation area is limited through a forest pasture to a more open section with grazing sheep, the area lined by a stone embankment that resembles a wall or a fence. According to the conservation contract, the donor has a right to manage the traditional landscape with less invasive methods, primarily a few small meadows that remain inside the forest. The riches of nature on the island also appear from the many species of insects living in meadows and forests.

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