Municipality: Ulvila
Protection year: 2019
Area protected: 41 ha
Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Ahmauksenkorpi

In 2019, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired a forest estate that was unusually significant by its natural values in the village of Ahmaus, located in Ulvila, and it was named Ahmauksenkorpi. It is an extensive and unbroken forest with decayed wood in unusually large quantities. A large part of the forest that lies northeast of the Ahmauksenjoki river represents fern spruce mire by its nature type. The part of the forest that lies southwest of the river is instead mixed forest characterized by fresh heath soil with old birches and pine trees that touch the sky.

The Ahmauksenjoki river, which is called a ditch among the locals, flows through the area in its natural bed, and its branches provide en exuberant living environment for the greenish warbler. In the middle of the new conservation area, there was once a small meadow that became overgrown decades ago. The flying squirrel has recently been observed nesting in the area together with the European beaver. Those walking in the region are fascinated by the gigantic erratic blocks and the appearance of the St. Olaf's candlestick as well as the atmosphere created by the creaking sound of the trees moved by the wind.

The area covers 41 hectares, and most of it consists of forest that is more than a hundred years old. It is unusual in southern Finland to find such an area, much less closing a deal about an object like this. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation managed to win the hard competitive bidding. The heirs are relieved because the solution ensures that Ahmauksenkorpi area is left untouched and placed under protection. Part of the forest estate was previously protected for a while, which also demonstrates that the area truly is worth conserving. According to the representative of the heirs, the area has never been exposed to a mechanical cutting. Under the patronage of the foundation, it will not happen in the future either.

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