A New Area Protected in Häme

The number of areas placed under protection by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in the Häme region became larger in June 2013 with the Harjava area of forest and meadow. This area, located in Kalvola in Hämeenlinna, covers about 6,3 hectares.

The wet and winding meadows of Harjava are surrounded by a forest that has remained intact for a long time. The surrounding forest is dominated by spruces with decayed wood appearing especially in the southern part. The forests that cover the small islets are made up of deciduous trees: birches, grey alders, rowans, goat willows, and bird cherries.

The northern side, instead, has vegetation typical for groves, including Alpine currant and mezereon. Otherwise, the vegetation is that of a heath forest or a quagmire.

There is a brook that flows in its natural bed in one of the corners of the area.

Harjava is located only a few hundred metres from the Kalliomaa area, which is significant on a nationwide scale for the groves protected there. There is a lot of common hazel appearing between the two areas, having spread even in the immediate vicinity of the Harjava area.

Harjava is the 39th conservation area of the foundation and the ninth one in the Häme region.

Photo: Anneli Jussila. 

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