The Loppi Area Extended

In late October, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired an area of half a hectare south of the Yli-Mylly conservation forest in Loppi. The area has served as a research forest for Metla, the Finnish Forest Research Institute, and we bought it from Metsähallitus, a state-owned enterprise that has land and water areas in its possession.

Sooner or later, the forests owned by Metla are exposed to cuttings, and because we considered this piece of forest an important part of the Yli-Mylly conservation area, we decided to buy it. There are old spruces and pines growing there, which makes this additional area important to the landscape as well. There is a piece of a historical railroad embankment running through the area, where it has turned into a nature trail.

After the deal, the Yli-Mylly forest covers over six hectares.

Photo: Mikko Hovila.

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The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s A Home for the Boreal Owl fundraising campaign has been brought to a successful end, and the Foundation has protected the Boreal Owl’s Forest in Hausjärvi. The new, 16-hectare conservation area was found right on the border between the Uusimaa and Kanta-Häme regions. The forest has long been owned by the same family, and it has remained fairly untouched.
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