The Keijunsuo Area Extended

Right at the end of 2011, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation bought seven additional hectares to the Keijunsuo swamp acquired in the early summer of the same year. As a result, there was a 14-hectare area born south of Lake Paloniitunjärvi in Renko, an area bounded by the 90-hectare conservation area established for the lake and the important birds living there.

The new area has plenty of trees with spruces and other trees growing in the middle and deciduous trees growing by the lake.We have decided to call this 14-hectare area Keijunmetsä, the fairy forest. It is the first conservation area we have established in the Hämeenlinna region. The forest is located in an extraordinarily peaceful environment as one can only reach the place by foot with the nearest road running far away.

Photo: Anneli Jussila.

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