The foundation inherits three forests in Sipoo

Kaj Törngren, a man who loved nature, left the majority of his estate, a farm in Sipoo together with its forests and fields, to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. He mostly allowed his forests to grow in peace and kept some of them fully intact. This valuable legacy enables us to protect three forests, which will be called Törngrens skog, Fågelskog, and Lillskogen.

These three forests standing close to each other on an exuberant ground cover a total of approximately 13 hectares. The largest of them, Törngrens skog, includes a number of great aspens and decayed wood in large amounts.

“A fascinating path goes through this magnificent grove-like forest of lushness and leads to the proximity of the Keravajoki river and the connection of the Haarajoki river’s arms. The size of the trees together with the alteration of deciduous and coniferous trees create a true atmosphere of a primeval forest,” the foundation’s conservation director Anneli Jussila describes the landscapes found at this site.

According to Jussila, part of the meadow with interesting species of plants will be left as a buffer zone in connection with the Törngrens skog forest. The intention is to sell the fields and the buildings, which allows the foundation to receive additional funds for the purchase of new areas.

“There really are no protected forests in the neighbourhood, which makes these intact forests a welcome change to the state of conservation in the eastern Uusimaa region,” says Anneli Jussila thankfully.

Photo: Anneli Jussila

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