Municipality: Keuruu
Protection year: 2018
Area protected: 7 ha
Viitanen. Kuva: Mari Helkiö

Viitanen, located in the Keuruu region of Central Finland, is a place acquired at the end of 2018. Far from highways, this small farm is returning to its natural state with its thick forest dominated by conifers. The middle part is mainly made up of a pine stand with the southern end in the lower sections consisting of a spruce stand. In addition to the forest, this place of 7,3 hectares includes an old yard land with cherry trees and temperate deciduous trees, among others. Viitanen was once a fully functioning and self-sufficient small farm whose fields closed within the stone fences are now covered by birches.

The forest and the yard land create an interesting contrast to each other. It appears quite clearly from the place how nature returns to its original state once it is no longer influenced by the human being. It is a home for the lesser butterfly-orchid and the Dutchman's pipe as well as the Arctic bramble, a plant that has become rare.

Viitanen’s diversity is increased by the brook running through the southern end out of the Viitasenlampi pond as well as the little strip of swamp.

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