Ulladievvá – Ullatieva

Municipality: Enontekiö Hetta
Protection year: 2009, 2022
Area protected: 66 ha

For the first time, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has received a forest of twelve hectares as a donation from the Enontekiö region of Hetta in Lapland.

The area has been named Ullatieva. ‘Tieva' is derived from a Lappish word meaning a ‘hillock.' Originally, the areas called ‘Ullatieva', such as the undulating terrain in the northwest corner of Lake Ullajärvi, were known for their great number of lichen, and the name ‘Ulla' might be derived from the Lappish word ‘ullu' meaning ‘wool' - all the lichens have formed a tight wool-like carpet on the ground.

The gritty ridge of Ullatieva continues from the undulating terrain to the east between two lakes, along the area where the old, primeval pine forest is flourishing with fallen trees lying on the ground covered with lichen. Here, we have a new conservation area located between two lakes, Lake Ullajärvi and Lake Perilänjärvi. The tall ridge spreads out a great view over the wilderness with all its forests, swamps, lakes, and rivers. The great mountains of the Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park dominate the landscape in the south behind Lake Ullajärvi.

In the Ullatieva regions, people have, according to the Finnish folklore, seen elves and other spirits. It has been a home for the holy place called ‘seita', a place where the Sami have arranged their sacrificial rituals.

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In 2022, the Foundation purchased 54 hectares of forest in Enontekiö which was attached to the Ullatieva conservation area.

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