Municipality: Urjala
Protection year: 2019
Area protected: 7 ha
Saittovuori. Kuva: Anneli Jussila

The beautiful Saittojärvi forest at Nuutajärvi's undisturbed backwoods is the fourth area protected by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in Urjala. The foundation's 85th conservation area was acquired in 2019. Saittovuori is located a few kilometres away from the large Kivisuo conservation area, and it covers almost seven hectares.

The conservation area is located on a ridge and in the valley below. There are primarily pines growing on the barren land of the ridge together with lingonberries and lichens that appear on the ground; the forest of the valley is dominated by spruces, and its ground is covered by moss. The slope gently goes down to the west and the south. The area includes a cliff that contributes to the landscape, and there are windfalls found close to it. The wind has toppled a small stand of trees in the eastern section, where the trees are young.

In the heart of Saittovuori, there is an erratic block called the Russian's stone – a wandering Russian maybe once camped by this large stone, who knows. The name Saittovuori may have its origin in the Sieidi cult – if that was the case, the stone has probably served as the Sieidi of this area and this ridge.

The forest was sold to the foundation by Taina Peltoniemi, who had to say goodbye to her beloved place when her life changed. She regarded the forest as a temple where she was allowed to listen to her own thoughts. According to her, there have been animal tracks and trails in unusually large quantities found in the area over the years. The previous owners had also taken good care of the forest; they had only picked up windfalls there, which appears from the integrity of the forest.

Minna Pyykkö, who is a journalist, contributed to the protection of Saittovuori in a fascinating way. She donated with two of her fellow students the return of their joint birthday fundraising campaign for this purpose.

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