Municipality: Nousiainen
Protection year: 2008
Area protected: 13 ha

The foundation acquired the Mustakorpi Forest from the Mustakulma region, Nousiainen, in the spring of 2008. We found the forest on a website concentrated on selling forest farms. When the foundation, with the help of the representatives from a supporting association, went to check the forest, they considered it valuable, and so the foundation took part in the competitive bidding. It was a pleasant surprise that our offer won narrowly.

There have not been any cuttings taken place in the forest for decades; there was a storm in the 1950s there, and the last time the former owner went there to cut down some trees was in the 1960s. Since then, the forest has been allowed to live in peace, and it has grown very thick.

The most rugged part of the Mustakorpi Forest is the area where old, untouched pinewoods are sighing in the wind with their bark resembling a carpet of shields. Elsewhere, the forest is made up of younger conifers and deciduous trees of different ages, which lays a good foundation for natural development. The forest has become a home for demanding species as well, for instance for the flying squirrel and the red ring rot fungus. The small swamp hollows in the wilderness colour the landscape.

The Mustakorpi Forest is the fifth conservation area that the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has acquired from the southwest province. The foundation aims at finding at least as many conservation areas from the other provinces as they have in this province.

Näin löydät Mustakorpeen

Osoite: Haatintie 95, Nousiainen. Nousiaisista päin tullessa kuljetaan itään Koljolaan ja ylitetään Hirvijoki. Sillalta noin kahden kilometrin päässä kääntyy vasemmalle pohjoiseen pikkutie, jota kuljetaan noin sata metriä. Käännytään oikealle itään. Noin kilometrin päässä Lapilan talon kohdalla valitaan vasemmanpuoleinen tiehaara ja jatketaan noin 150 metriä. Oikealla puolella on havaittavissa metsän reunasta lähtevä vanhanajan metsäpolku, joka johtaa Mustakorpeen. Muutaman sadan metrin matkalta metsä on vain noin sata metriä leveä ja sen vasemmalle puolelle jää Nummen pelto. Kauempana metsä avautuu suorakaiteen muotoiseksi, ja polku haaraantuu useaan suuntaan.

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