Municipality: Valkeakoski
Protection year: 2010
Area protected: 7 ha
Metsola. Kuvaaja: Jorma Ahola

The seven-hectare Metsola Forest is an exceptionally fine example of a good old Finnish forest growing in the Häme region. This exuberant forest is located in the town of Valkeakoski, less than a kilometre north of the Korkeakangas outdoor recreation centre, with the seven-hectare Mettivuori conservation area being located nearby. There is no forest road for cars leading to Metsola; instead, the outdoor recreation course maintained by the town provides a passage through the area. The environment has been almost intact for decades, except for a few fallen trees that have been cleared away.

Paavo Malanin, a nature friend who used to own some of the forest, decided to follow a piece of advice given to him by the sexton of the local Orthodox church: such an impressive forest should no be cut down. The value of the area is increased by three small swamps covered with trees, all of which are regarded by the Finnish forest law as valuable habitats.

The trees of the former tree generation are well over a hundred years old, and there are large, old silver birches covered with beard moss and lichen growing all over the place. The terrain is fascinating as it transforms from swampy areas into low ridges and rocks. The northern side of the area is characterized by aspens, which form a separate forest there, as well as an ancient aspen standing dead apart from the other trees on the side of the rock in the shade of spruces, providing a place for flying squirrels to nest.

Näin löydät Metsolaan

Suunnilleen Veikko Hakulisen tie 167:n kohdalta erkanee länteen polku, joka kulkee Metsolan suojelualueen kautta. Matkaa Metsolan rajalle on nelisensataa metriä.

Osoite: Veikko Hakulisen tie 167, Valkeakoski

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