Municipality: Uurainen
Protection year: 2012
Area protected: 7 ha

Metsäpirtti, a forest of seven hectares in the village of Nyrölä in Uurainen, became the property of the foundation just before Christmas 2012. The forest was for sale on the public market, and we were lucky to win the competitive bidding, which turned out to be a stiff competition.

The soil of the Metsäpirtti forest is mainly wild land with over half of the area being made up of an almost hundred-year-old spruce forest. The area has been intact for a long time, which is why there is diversity appearing in this dense forest. There is not much decayed wood yet, but it is obvious the forest is getting older: there are some very old trunks and fresh windfalls lying on the ground with some dead birches still standing.

There are dozens of grand aspens growing among the spruces. In fact, there are deciduous trees appearing all over the place, and not just birches and aspens, but also grey alders, goat willows, and rowans.

The most valuable part of the Metsäpirtti area is the special swamp, which has been categorized as a threatened nature type. There are junipers growing by the swamp and pine trees lying on the ground. The old drainage ditch is gradually becoming overgrown whereas the ecotone between the swamp and the rest of the area has already returned to its natural state.

By taking minor measures to restore the wetlands it is possible to increase the natural values of the forest.

Metsäpirtti is the 35th conservation area of the foundation and the second one in Central Finland.

Näin löydät Metsäpirttiin

Pellossaarentielle pääsee Järvisuomentieltä (valtatie 23) Kintauksessa pohjoiseen kääntyvältä Räihäntieltä (6250), mutta myös Jyväskyläntieltä (nro 630) länteen kääntyvän Höytiäntien kautta. Metsäpirtin suojelualue sijaitsee heti Pellossaarentien eteläpuolella.

Osoite: Pellossaarentie 167, Uurainen

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