Municipality: Kokemäki
Protection year: 2019
Area protected: 5 ha
Lintukangas. Kuva: Anneli Jussila

The village of Vallila is located in Kokemäki, and it is there that we can find Lintukangas, a grove-like spruce forest of less than five hectares left to stand there on its own, a place that was purchased by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in 2019. Lintukangas is located diagonally opposite to the Puurijärvi-Isosuo National Park on a slope that gently goes down towards the west.

The flying squirrel has been observed several times in the forest. The flying squirrel has long been allowed to live there in peace and quiet because the forest has not significantly been disturbed since the 1970s. The ancient spruces are more than a hundred years old, and close to the western border, there is a meadow with alders serving as a food storage for the flying squirrel.

The tall trees together with the luminous green moss create an atmosphere from a fairy tale in Lintukangas. There are colossal trees fallen on the ground, and under their roots, there have been holes and hiding places developed for badgers and other animals that live on the ground. Anyone who walks in the forest can enjoy the multitude of bird species, such as woodpeckers, titmice, and crossbills. One can experience the balance of times: there are trees from saplings to dead trunks lying and standing in the forest.

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