Municipality: Inari
Protection year: 2020
Area protected: 63 ha
Luonnonperintösäätiö Kuusajooggaz Luonnonsuojelualue

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation was given a great donation, a versatile area in the Sevettijärvi region of Lapland, in the autumn of 2020. The lake shore is long in both the north and the west, where the terrain rises and turns into a ridge, and there are also ponds with exuberant surroundings that resemble a grove here and there. Most of the terrain undulates a little with old pines growing on the heath. There is a small river with clear water flowing through the area, and it is called Čoolmâsjuuha.

The great size of the area – 63 hectares – and its many shores and varying terrain forms turn Kuusajooggaz into an absolutely fascinating conservation area. The tree stand includes several pines of many hundred years as well as decayed wood. The atmosphere is about a special sense of peace with a touch of wilderness.

The area was given to the foundation by Rita Kuusakoski-Peltonen and Jari Peltonen. The name of the forest, Kuusajooggaz, is a combination of Rita’s last name and a Sami word for a small river (jooggaz). The area is located on the edge of great wilderness, and many have spotted bears there.

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