Municipality: Pälkäne
Protection year: 2018
Area protected: 22 ha
Kukkialehto. Kuva: Anneli Jussila

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently acquired a grove-like forest in the village of Kouvala, located in Luopioinen, Pälkäne, the new area being a place that is limited in two places to conservation areas already established there. The eastern shore of Lake Kukkiajärvi is dominated by spruces, but there are also pines and deciduous trees growing in the area. It was the heirs' positive attitude towards nature conservation that made it possible for us to obtain this place of many trees, an area that belonged to the Lapinlahti farm.

The soil of this new conservation area is exuberant and contains springs, and the occurrence of a certain kind of vegetation, especially the February daphne and the mountain currant, contributes to the grove-like characteristics of the place. The area placed under protection on the western side contains unusually large lindens, and their plants have also spread to the new area that is being established.

The area was named Kukkialehto after the beautiful Lake Kukkiajärvi located nearby. The area covers approximately 23 hectares, and together with the existing conservation areas, it creates a valuable place of approximately 35 hectares.

"The Kukkialehto area includes interesting rock formations with cave-shaped holes", says Anneli Jussila, the foundation's executive director.

Jussila is pleased that hunting has for a long time been forbidden in the forest, which is something that appeared from the snow that was covered by an unusually large number of animal trails during the winter.

"There was also a tawny owl following our hiking from its branch. When the spring arrives, we get an opportunity to take a closer look at the area's interesting vegetation", Jussila says.

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