Municipality: Salo
Protection year: 2020
Area protected: 9 ha
Luonnonperintösäätiö Kruunuvuori Luonnonsuojelualue

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation bought in the southeastern part of Salo an interesting area consisting of a forested hill with green slopes. At the top of the Aromäki hill, there are grand shield-barked pines and dead pine trees that are hundreds of years old. On the slopes, you can see more lush treestands of spruce and deciduous trees. There are also interesting cave formations to be found at the western edge.

Kruunuvuori has a prehistoric dimension due to its protruding signs of burial traditions from the Bronze Age. The sea has once had its impact on the rock, and the hills nearby also have signs of their ancient burial traditions appearing as something that the local population calls crowns. It is because of those who built these formations that we have decided to call this nine-hectare protected area Kruunuvuori, i.e. the Crown Hill.

The first hint about the Kruunuvuori area came from Anni Kytömäki, an author who had noticed that this attractive area was for sale. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation became interested and turned out as the winner of the competitive bidding.

In the proximity of this site, we find the Kujanpää nature conservation area, which in turn belongs to the equivalent site of Säilämetsä. Both of them are in private ownership. Kruunuvuori, which is thus protected by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, makes a significant contribution to nature conservation in Salo and Southwest Finland.

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